1.) Are your products organic?

-Yes they are organic and vegan, made with all natural ingredients.

2.) Is the liquid lipstick matte?

-The liquid lipstick is matte but it also has a tacky feel to it in order to keep your lips moisturized. 

3.) Can I return the product if I don't like it?

-We only accept returns if the product has not been opened and/or damaged. Returns can only be made within 30 days. 

4.) What happens if I am sent the wrong color?

-You can keep what you have just let us know that the color we sent you was not correct (we need proof so a photo would be nice) and we will send you the correct color for free. 

5.) Has anyone had a reaction to your products?

-No they have not but I encourage everyone to read the list of ingredients before you make your purchase.

6.) Do you always have sales?

-Yes we are facing tough times with COVID-19 and I want to make sure that everyone has had a chance to experience our products. You never know what sale works for someones budget.

7.) I got my products with no packaging, why is that?

-As someone that uses lipstick often I have learned that when we take the products out of the package we have no use for the packaging. So to save my customers an extra step I have decided to eliminate the packaging, for now at least. 

8.) What is the best way to reach someone?

-By text or Facebook messenger, expect a response within a few hours as long as it is within business hours.

9.) How soon can I expect my order to arrive?

-With your purchase of shipping you can expect your products to arrive within three days (later if it is a holiday).

10.) Will I get a confirmation?

-After purchase is made, we will accept your order, print the shipping label once that is done you will get your order confirmation either via email or text or both. Depending on how you signed up for notifications.

11.) How can we get updates on new products and/sales?

-You can follow on social media, you can also sign up for the newsletter.

12.) Why did you name your products after African deities?

-As an African American woman I wanted to give my brand something that symbolizes the motherland. I love learning about each deity and making sure that each color represents them as best as I can.